The Guide To Healthier Indoor Air

“The Guide to Healthier Indoor Air” provides easy-to-read, step-by-step guidance for addressing concerns associated with mold and numerous other allergens and toxins that commonly build up within homes.

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Common Indoor Allergens & Toxin

Though concerns about mold is the most common reason why people seek advice about improving indoor air quality, there are numerous other vary common allergens and toxins that build up in a home. This section will help you understand the most common types and sources of indoor allergens.

Indoor Environmental Testing

Sampling and testing the air, surfaces, and dust extracted from carpet and furniture in your home, you’ll better understand which major categories of work activities most apply to reducing and preventing the future buildup of mold and other allergens in your home. This section will help you decide the types, locations, and quantities of samples to take in your home.

Keys to Healthier Indoor Air

This section explains the major categories of work activities associated with addressing mold and other allergens and toxins, which will help you to easily understand the relevancy of inspection and repair recommendations in later sections of the guide.

Inspection & Repairs

It’s likely that this section will help you identify many more opportunities for indoor air quality improvement than most mold remediation and mold inspection companies will find.

Each section has a downloadable PDF inspection checklist that you can print. You may find that you can affordably and easily accomplish many of the repair tasks outlined in each section and check them off as you go. Once you eliminate everything that’s easy to do, you can determine whether it’s necessary to hire someone to perform the remaining repairs on the checklists.

Allergen & Toxin Removal Safety Precautions

In some instances areas of a home may need decontamination/remediation. This section will help you understand how to protect yourself and your family from exposure to allergens and toxins while remediation work is performed.

Allergen & Toxin Removal Guidance

This section will help you understand how to remove mold and other allergens from drywall, wood framing, block/concrete, carpet, furniture, and your indoor air.

Crawlspace Remediation & Mitigation Guidance

There are numerous approaches recommended by mold remediation companies to remediate a crawlspace. Some approaches are too extensive and others are useless. This section will help you avoid costly mistakes when remediating a crawlspace and how to very affordably prevent moldy crawlspace air from entering your home. 


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