On Site Indoor Air Quality Survey

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Upon registration we'll call you to schedule an Onsite Indoor Air Quality Survey 
OR please call us at 770-363-2670 for immediate assistance with scheduling and payment options.

Online Access

Upon registration you'll get immediate online access to support information associated with our service.

Categories of information include:

• Particulate Allergens Commonly Found Within Homes.
• Chemicals/Gases Found Within Homes.
• Why Environmental Testing?
• Sampling Types.
• Sampling Recommendations.
• Guidelines For Understanding Lab Results.
• Keys To Healthier Indoor Air.

All Onsite Indoor Air Quality Surveys Include:

• Minimum 30 Minute Indoor Air Quality Consultation.
• The inspector will discuss all findings and relevant recommendations.
• Whole House Inspection.
• Air, Surface, & Dust Sampling Recommendations.
• Sampling & Lab Analysis.
• Air & Surface Lab Results Are Typically Available Within 3-4 Business Days.
• Dust Analysis Lab Results Are Typically Available Within 10-15 Days.
•  Please Let Us Know If You Need Lab Results Expedited.

Air Sample Lab Analysis Includes:

• Total mold spore count per sample.
• Identification and total spore count per organism per sample.
• Total count and identification of other airborne allergens such as soil, carbon, cellulose, insulation, drywall dust, and skin fragments.

Carpet Dust Analysis Includes: 

• Identification of the species of molds found in the analysis.
• Total colony forming units per organism type.
• Identification of organisms on the EPA's ERMI list.

Surface Sample Analysis Includes:

• Identification of organisms observed in sample analysis.
• Prominence of each identified organism.   

Reports Include:

• Lab Results
• Comparison of Lab Findings To Suggested Guidelines.
• Health concerns associated with lab findings.
• Photographic Evidence
• Allergen & Toxin Removal Safety Guidance
• Guidance For Removing Allergens & Toxins
• Guidance For Preventing The Future Build Up Of Allergens & Toxins


Minimum pricing is $295, which includes one indoor air sample and one outside air sample. An outside sample is always performed and is helpful for understanding sources of allergens and toxins.

You may choose to take additional samples at the time of the inspection.

$59 per additional air sample
$59 per surface sample
$119 per dust analysis (for carpet and furniture)

Choose a pricing package on the right hand side of this page or call 770-363-2670 for a custom quote.


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