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If you’re looking for a reliable provider to provide precision mold testing in or around Lawrenceville, GA, then Indoor Air Quality Services can help. Our team specializes in black mold test services to help protect property owners from the invasion of black mold. Offering both comprehensive mold testing services and consultation around the prevention and elimination of mold, we’ll help you understand your situation and offer a range of informed solutions. Offering both traditional and Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) testing, we’ll help you discover any black mold issues in your home or business. Find out for yourself why other mold testing companies in the Lawrenceville, GA, area can’t compete with the quality or value of Indoor Air Quality Services.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Black Mold Test Services for Properties

According to the Center for Disease Control, Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as black mold, grows in areas prone to moisture or that have experienced water damage, leaks, or flooding, most often on fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper. Black mold requires constant moisture to grow, meaning the best way to prevent Stachybotrys chartarum is by preventing moisture from accumulating in walls, basements, and crawlspaces. While black mold has not been proven to specifically cause illness, it and other molds worsen respiratory symptoms from existing conditions and the CDC recommends immediate removal.

Mold Testing Guidance

Understanding the types and quantities of mold samples taken from your building is crucial for effectively addressing your concerns about mold. Below, we outline our approach to mold sampling and provide insights into our methodologies, helping you make informed decisions regarding mold activity in your building.

Mold Sampling Methods & Approaches

Mold Growth
Mold spores function similarly to seeds; under favorable conditions such as elevated humidity and damp environments, mold spores can proliferate. This cycle continues as mold produces and releases spores back into the environment.

Air Sampling for Mold Spores
Determining indoor mold activity involves comparing the types and quantities of mold spores in indoor air with those in outdoor air. This comparison helps ascertain whether spores are originating from within or just entering through openings like doors and windows. Our testing involves drawing air through a micro-slide cartridge, capturing spores for analysis.

Air Sampling Approaches

  • Ground Zero Testing: Always test in areas showing visual signs of growth or where odors are strongest.
  • Cross-contamination Testing: It’s wise to also test areas beyond the immediate vicinity of visible mold, such as upper levels of a home, to detect possible spore travel through air systems.
  • Health Concern Testing: If health symptoms are a concern, consider testing frequent living spaces of the affected individuals.

Surface and Dust Sampling for Mold

Surface Sampling
Surface sampling can confirm whether a suspect substance is mold. We use a cotton swab to collect samples from surfaces for laboratory analysis, which can reveal the presence of mold spores, hyphae, and fruiting structures.

Dust Sampling

Dust sampling from carpets, padding, or accumulated dust on surfaces can provide a historical perspective on mold conditions within a building. This analysis is particularly useful in environments with no visible mold but potential for hidden growth.
For detailed advice on sampling strategies and to discuss your specific concerns, please call 770-363-2670. Our experts are ready to assist you in understanding the types and quantities of samples that are most appropriate for your situation.

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