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If you’ve recently purchased a property or are moving into a new home or office space in or around Alpharetta, GA, then consider scheduling indoor air quality (IAQ) testing today. At Indoor Air Quality Services, our team has 10+ years of experience providing professional particulate matter testing to screen for hidden health dangers or hazards in the home and office. Because many indoor particulate pollutants can go undetected for years, the best way to get peace of mind is by scheduling an air quality check with a trusted expert. When you work with Indoor Air Quality Services, we’ll provide comprehensive air testing and then go over the results with you in detail. That way, we can answer any questions you might have and make recommendations to improve air quality. For all your IAQ testing near Lawrenceville, GA, think Indoor Air Quality Services.

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How a Professional Air Quality Check Can Protect Your Health

Checking for Particulate Pollutants Can Put Your Mind at Ease

If you recently purchased a home or moved into a newly constructed space, it’s natural to be concerned about the air quality that you’re inheriting. Thankfully, when you schedule with Indoor Air Quality Services, you can count on a thorough inspection and outcomes that make sense. Whether there’s an issue from construction or a natural hazard, an air quality inspection will provide you with peace of mind.  That way, you don’t need to spend time worrying about loved ones or employees in your space dealing with particulate pollutants.

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Are you ready to schedule air quality testing for your home or property? The Indoor Air Quality Services team is standing by and ready to assist. When you work with our team, we’ll first inspect your space. Then we will test the air using precision methods and proven techniques. After we’ve taken samples, they’ll be subjected to comprehensive analysis to reveal any contaminants or pollutants. Next, we’ll go over the results with you and consult around any problems discovered during testing. From there, we’ll offer expert guidance and solutions to any issues. Call and put your mind at ease. Call (770) 363-2670.

Inspect. Test. Report. Guidance.