Onsite Indoor Air Quality Survey (Advanced)

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Categories of information include:

• Particulate Allergens Commonly Found Within Homes
• Chemicals/Gases Found Within Homes
• Why Environmental Testing?
• Sampling Types
• Sampling Recommendations
• Guidelines For Understanding Lab Results
• Keys To Healthier Indoor Air

Access To Online Class: 

"The Guide to Healthier Indoor Air"

This online course will help you understand how to reduce and prevent the future build up of allergens and toxins in your home.

Onsite Indoor Air Quality Survey

• The inspector will recommended a sampling strategy to address your situation and concerns.

• Your home will be inspected and sampled per your specifications. 

• The inspector will discuss all findings and relevant recommendations to address mold and air quality.

• Your samples will be delivered to the laboratory for analysis after your inspection is completed.

• Air and surface lab results are typically available within 3-4 business days. Please allow 10-15 days for dust analysis.


$650 includes 4 indoor air sample and 1 outdoor air sample, which is used as a control, 1 dust analysis (for carpet or furniture), and 1 surfaces sample.

You may choose to take additional samples at the time of the inspection.

• $59 per additional air sample
• $59 per surface sample
• $119 per dust analysis (for carpet and furniture)

Air Sample Lab Analysis Includes

• Total mold spore count per sample.
• Identification and total spore count per organism per sample.
• Total count and identification of other airborne allergens such as soil, carbon, cellulose, insulation, drywall dust, and skin fragments.

Carpet Dust Analysis Includes 

• Identification of the species of molds found in the analysis.
• Total colony forming units per organism type.
• Identification of organisms on the EPA's ERMI list.

Surface Sample Analysis Includes

• Identification of organisms observed in sample analysis.
• Prominence of each identified organism.   

Written Report Includes

• Comparison of lab findings to suggested guidelines.
• Health concerns associated with lab findings.
• Safety precautions when removing allergens and toxins from surfaces and the air.
• Guidance for removing allergens and toxins from building materials, personal possessions, and the air.
• Guidance for stabilizing the indoor environment to prevent the future buildup of mold and other allergens.

Post Inspection Consultation

As soon as your reports are prepared and emailed to you, we'll call you to discuss the lab results with you and answer questions that you may have.

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Onsite Indoor Air Quality Survey (Advanced) $650.00 USD
Due Now $650.00 USD